Village of Long Reach, one of ten villages composing a census-designated place of Columbia located within Howard County Maryland. Long Reach is found in the northeast part of Columbia along Maryland Route 108. Started in 1971, it is one of the oldest villages, and comprises four neighborhoods: Jeffers Hill, Kendall Ridge, Locust Park, and Phelps Luck. The village, with an approximate population of 15,600, is governed by five elected village board members through “Long Reach Community Association, Inc.” The Village Office is located in Stonehouse, the community center, which opened in 1974

VIDEO DIALOGUE: Hey guys Joe French from Realty Directions. I’m in Columbia MD at the Long Reach Village Center. Long Reach is one of 10 separate communities that make up the Columbia Association. The Long Reach Village Center is currently undergoing a revitalization with improvements being made to the infrastructure as well as bringing on new businesses to occupy the space. Long Reach has over 15,000 residents residing in over 6,000 households across the village. If you currently live in Long Reach, you probably live in one of its 4 neighborhoods: Phelps Luck, Locust Park, Kendall Ridge or Jeffers Hill. 
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